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  1. Julian Fisher: Expedition Leader, Explorer, Adventurer, Anthropologist, Author, Photographer
  2. Feliciano dos Santos: Logistics for the country of Mozambique, Lichinga, Mozambique
  3. Seong-Ho Cho: Logistics for the country of Malawi, Lilongwe, Malawi
  4. Rita Pires: Logistics for the country of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia
  5. Mwami Mwenda-Bantu, King of Katanga: Logistics for D.R. Congo, Lubumbashi, D.R.Congo
  6. Pedro Bandeira: Logistics for the country of Angola, Luanda, Angola
  7. Leon A. Swart: Logistics for the country of Malawi, Salima, Malawi
  8. Tristan Clapp: Security Advisor, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  9. Kate Wiggans: Media & Public Relations of MAG International, Manchester, UK
  10. Thomas Troll: Social Media, Vienna, Austria
  11. Dr. Ursula Musil-Singer: Legal Advise, Vienna, Austria
  12. Dr. Anita Greilinger: Medical Advisor, Practicing Phystian, Gars Am Kamp, Austria
  13. Christoph Sickinger: Medical Advisor Reptiles & Dog bites, Veterinarian, Horn, Austria
  14. Regina Fisher: Communications Officer, Klosterneuburg, Austria

  Name: Julian Monroe Fisher FRGS FI'00
Nationality: US American with full Austrian residency

E-mail address: contact(at)julianmonroefisher.com

Expedition Position: Initiator, Expedition Leader, Logbook

Profession: Explorer, Adventurer, Anthropologist, published author, photographer, ethnographical/documentary filmmaker, lecturer, husband and father


  • A Fellow with The Royal Geographical Society (with The Institute of British Geographers) in London, nominated in 2000 by then RGS Deputy Director Nigel Winser, currently the Executive Director of Earthwatch Institute
  • An International Fellow with The Explorer’s Club in New York City, nominated in 2000 by the late Colonel Norman Dane Vaughan, the last remaining member of Admiral Byrd's 1928-29 solo flight expedition over Antarctica.
  • The Director of Communications for The West Europe Chapter of The Explorers Club

Biographical Information:

Julian Monroe Fisher was born in the town of Greenwood in the state of South Carolina in the United States of America. A graduate from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, he departed with a degree in Anthropology and Philosophy. Julian's resume in exploration reflects that he is a published author of two books relating tales from his travels between 1996 to 2003 when he was a freelance radio correspondent filing 'live' on-air reports from the trail as he travelled in and out of more than ninety countries on five continents around the globe. A producer with the BBC recently described Julian as "the first explorer to ever blog" referring to his online reports during his acclaimed adventure series 'Monroe's Talkabout the World'. Julian Monroe Fisher was also the writer, executive producer and co-diretcor of the ethnographical documentary film entitled 'Primate Questions of Conservation'. From Shanghai to Ulan Bator to Paramaribo to Luang Prabang to Lilongwe to Timbuktu, Julian's travels to more than twenty African countries during four Explorer Club flag sanctioned expeditions on the African continent have changed the perception of how the world views the African continent.


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